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Black Paisley

Make sure you have enough paper to fit all around the present! It's always good to check the customer is happy with the paper but with a design like this, you can't really go wrong!   The less paper you have the easier it is to work with. Keep the left over paper for smaller parcels.   Folding over the edge of the paper finishes it off and can help fix up any crooked cutting.   Use clear tape or double sided sticky.
Push firmly down from the top of the box on both sides. A good rule of thumb is if the paper touches the bottom of the present at this stage, it means there is too much paper. Trim the edges and try again.   Next, fold each side in and press down firmly.   Lastly fold up the bottom triangle.   Again using clear sticky tape or double sided tape finishes of the wrapping stage lovely.
Choose colours that compliment the paper and that you like to use. Be daring and try new and contrasting colours. Finmark has over 50 colours in Raffia so there's no need to do the same wrapping each time!   Underneath the present, cross the raffia over.   On the top of the present tuck the raffia underneath....   ... then tie it in a knot and pull it tightly together.
Bunch together some of the raffia in your hand.   Hold this raffia on top of the present...   ... and then attach it by using the raffia that was already around the gift. One knot will hold it all together.    
Deco Bands can be a great way to add to gift and make a point of difference.   Match the colours and measure the raffia you need.   Keep it simply by tieing the raffia in a small knot and cutting the ends short.    
Maybe some metallic ribbons?   Hold the colours next to the present to make sure you like them.   Again, tuck the ribbon underneath ...   ... and then pull together with a tight knot.
Curl the ribbon from the inside and pull tightly.   Not enough ribbon? No problem. Add some more to the gift and curl again.   Simply tuck the curled ribbon underneath.    


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