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Pull Bow Instructions

Start with your roll of ribbon.   Cut the ribbon at the desired length.  We find that 8 sections make a nice sized bow.   Hold the two ends of the ribbon together.  Make sure the thin piece of ribbon is on the inside.  

Hold the two ends at the first metal ring.  Separate the outer ribbons exposing the inner ribbons.


Pull the two inner ribbons while continuing to hold the two outer ribbons at the metal ring.

  Once the inner ribbons have been pulled as far as they go, a nice bow has been easily formed.   Tie the two pieces of inner ribbon together in a simple knot.   This is to hold the bow in place to ensure it doesn’t come apart.
You now have a finished pull bow!   For a point of difference,  choose two co-ordinating ribbons to tie together to make a larger bow.   Place one bow on top of another bow.   Use the thin ribbons to wrap around the other bow and tie in a knot.


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